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Discover Semarang Hidden Paradise Part 1

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Are you looking for a city for your next destination trip? Don’t to be worry because there are a lot of cities you can visit and enjoy their hidden paradise as well. If you want to travel to Central Java, you must choose Semarang as your destination. Why? It is because you will have many hidden paradise there. If you like to see and enjoy green natural view, this city will be your best choices. You should discover Semarang hidden paradise first before you are going to this city and start to schedule where the place is you want to visit.

Well, every city has its own unique and different views you can enjoy, like this city does. You will get perfect natural and beautiful views in this hidden paradise. There are some discover Semarang hidden paradise part 1 you can visit:

  1. Karimun Jawa National Park. It is a national park which has 27 islands which have exotic and beautiful panoramic view on it. You will feel such as you are in heaven because most of the islands are uninhabited so you are able to enjoy its natural view. This national park offers you many holiday attractions such as swimming with sharks in Menjangan Besar Island, explore underwater marine life, watching sunrise in Bukit Joko Tuwo, and many more.
  2. Brown Canyon. Well, this destination place also is called as the Grand Canyon’s Central Java. Why? It is because this place has a characteristic place same as Grand Canyon in Arizona which is shaped naturally and create beautiful view of it.
  3. Umbul Sidomukti. If you want to get such as outbound activities, this place is your best choice ever! You can try any obstacles of outbound activities there, as well as you are able to enjoy yourself in hot spring water which offers you perfect view of Semarang city which can make you feel so relax in enjoying your day.
  4. Goa Tirta Mulya. If you are visiting Umbul Sidomukti, don’t forget to visit this place which is located in surrounding Umbul’s place. You will get unforgettable moment of Goa which can make you have unique photo spots in your holiday photos collection. You also can take the photo in the small balcony and you can get unique photos as well.
  5. Candi Gedong Songo. Even if this place is an ordinary temple as what the other city has, but this place has forest which can be your best photo spot as if you are in the forest in background of Game of Thrones. You also can ride around the forest by riding a horse. How perfect your holiday is, isn’t it?
  6. Curug Lawe. If you are a waterfall seeker, this waterfall will be your options to visit this wonderful waterfall. It offers you 25 waterfalls flowing out from forty meters height with the sound of water falling will hypnotize you over.

Those are some options of discover Semarang hidden paradise part 1 you can visit and enjoy the natural and beautiful view of the destinations which can make your holiday perfect.