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Choosing the best apparel to play badminton can be both easy and confusing. The key of choosing the right one is making sure you are comfortable while wearing the apparel. In this article, we will give several tips on how to choose the best clothing for playing badminton.

The following list will explain some attributes that you need to consider while choosing the best apparel for playing badminton.

  • Sleeves: most players choose sleeveless shirts to improve their arm movement. Sleeveless shirts provides extra flexibility to the player in moving their racket around. However, there are also players who wear shirts with sleeves. Both designs are fine, so, just choose according to what makes you feel comfortable.
  • Best fit: tight apparel will restrict the movement of your body while loose clothing may increase the wind resistance and get you uncomfortable. Thus, it is important to choose best fitting clothes. Badminton really depends a lot on flexibility and speed, which means the apparel play a huge role in maintaining a great performance.
  • Color: for those who live in a tropical country like Thailand, Malaysia, or Indonesia, it is recommended to choose a lighter color for your badminton clothing. It is because light colored apparel will reflect the heat while dark colored clothing will absorbs it. On a cold weather, you can choose otherwise to maintain your body heat. The color of your clothes will definitely help you to keep your performance great.
  • Light weight: to maximize your movement during a game, choose an apparel that is as light as possible or it will hinder your movement. Polyester material is the best choice for this condition.

Those are several things that you can refer to when you want to choose a good apparel for playing badminton. You can make your own jersey if you want, by using services provided by a badminton jersey maker called This company is located in West Jakarta, and they provide two different clothing materials that are suitable for the considerations mentioned above, called hivetex and microfiber. Hivetex is created from polyester and able to absorb water easily, which is suitable for sports that produce a lot of sweats. It is very porous and soft, has matte color, slightly thick, flexible, and fits your body perfectly. Microfiber is made from a combination of nylon, spandex, and polyester. It is mostly similar to hivetex, but heavier and has bigger pores, which may not be suitable for complicated design.