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Discovering The Truth About Products

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Teeth Whitening Strips: Tips for Effective Use Teeth whitening strips are flexible pieces of plastic with whitening gel on them. They’re among the most in demand ways to whiten teeth as they are convenient to use and cheap at that. These teeth whiteners are generally sold in kits, which come complete with strips for both upper and lower teeth. Using the strip, just take off the protective layer and put the sticky side on top of your teeth everyday for about half an hour, for one to two weeks straight. What makes these strips work is usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as the active ingredient. Some manufacturers also add hypersensitivity components like strontium chloride and potassium nitrate. There are also strips that can be dissolved in water, and they are even easier to use. The whitening effect may be achieve using a peroxide or a non-peroxide ingredient. These strips are made mostly of pectin, carboxylmethyl cellulose or glycerol. Glycerol is a sweet, non-toxic compound, while carboxylmethyl cellulose and pectin work as thickeners.
Finding Similarities Between Products and Life
Different products require different frequencies of use before effects can be visibly observed. In most cases though, the difference can be seen in just a few days to an entire week. If you use one of the best brands, you can have teeth up to 6 shades whiter, depending on what stains you have on them. As you may know by now, the key advantage of teeth whitening strips is their convenience. You need nothing to use them, like brushes or trays. Also you can use them wherever you want – you just need a few minutes and that’s it. And they’ve very affordable too.
Teeth Tips for The Average Joe
First of all, you need to avoid teeth whitening strips that have chlorine dioxide as one of the ingredients. Because of the substance’ highly acidic nature, your enamel can get seriously damaged if it is exposed for an extended time. Though they are already banned, such strips remain in the market so you should be careful. Yet another important tip to remember is to use teeth whitening strips only when your teeth are completely dry. To keep the strips in place and make them stick better, you can use a blow dryer or washcloth. Finally, when you buy teeth whitening strips, get those that need to be applied within a timeframe that is realistic enough for you. Take note that within this timeframe, you cannot put anything in your mouth, solid or liquid, and you can’t even laugh. If you honestly think you can’t be still for 2 hours, look for another brand lest you waste cash and time.