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Flights to Lombok: Managing the Trip

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If you want to experience a memorable traveling experience where you can enjoy the natural gem from the eastern part of Indonesia – pretty close to Bali – you should find information how to manage flights to Lombok. Yes, Lombok has its own beauty and appeal and its natural beauty is almost similar to Bali. If you are looking for a mainstream holiday destination with lively and crowded area, go to Bali. But if you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet spot, you should go to Lombok.

So, how do you manage the flights to Lombok? It depends on your location, really. There are some inexpensive packages if you manage flights to Lombok from London, for instance, or manage flights to Lombok from Singapore. What if you are traveling from the cities in Indonesia? You can manage it even more easily although not all flights are available for these cities. For instance, you can have a direct flight from Jakarta or Surabaya to Lombok but be sure that you know the schedule. In some places and cities, they may provide a direct flight to Lombok but the schedule may only be available once a day or even once in two days. In the event that you want to have an efficient transportation and flights, there are some possible ways to try:

  • Finding an inexpensive ticket offer is okay as many airlines are offering cheap flights. However, you should never fall into the scheme of cheap flights that will compromise your comfort or even safety. If you choose a cheap flight that doesn’t have any exact schedule or the service isn’t clear, skip it. Your comfort and safety in traveling – especially when using an airline – isn’t worth the inexpensive ticket offer.
  • Book early will always guarantee you a spot. That’s why it is always better to plan way ahead because it allows you to manage everything well as well as ensuring you a spot. Sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you can get a special offer during special events or such thing alike.
  • Find out information about certain airlines that not only cater a direct flight to Lombok but also offer inexpensive tickets. These flights are somewhat dedicated to serve flights to Lombok with special rates. Find out what they are. Afterward, visit the official websites. From the website, you can choose the flights, destinations, date of departure or arrival, and such thing alike.
  • If you don’t have the time to manage it all, ask for help from professional travel agency. They should be able to lend you a hand but they would need your itinerary or traveling plans so they know how to manage the entire trip.


In the overall sense, managing your own flights to Lombok may require special efforts and special dedication. After all, if you are an international tourist traveling from faraway places, you certainly want to make sure that your travel runs smoothly and well. Make sure that you plan everything carefully and thoroughly so you won’t regret a thing.