Life Coaching Company Review


As my client is a shy girl she need some help in developing communicative skills which will be helpful in her future career. For example, in order to improve her social skills I gave my client an assignment to smile at 20 people each day.

The other very important thing is that my client is a young girl who studies at a college. Of course, she has a lot of work to do and her assignments are based on her future profession. However, I think that it is not enough. She needs some more professional literature to read in order to achieve her goals in life. That is why I gave her an assignment to find out information about the outstanding singers in order to learn much about their career and life. This assignment will help my client to be more self-confident in achieving her goals.

The other fact which is also important for my client is that the profession of a singer requires certain physical exercises that is why she should always be in good form. In order to achieve this goal, I gave my client some useful recommendation concerning her physical form. I advised her to go to the nearest fitness club and to attend classes regularly. This idea will help her not only to improve her health but also to be more sociable. In any fitness club she will be able to find a lot of new friends.

So, I think that my client needs to cross the threshold and to be more communicative in order to feel herself comfortable on the stage. She should smile to everybody and to hide her bad mood.

In conclusion, I should say that my experience in the field of life coaching is wide enough. I am sure that my potential employer will be satisfied with all my skills and abilities.

Besides the above mentioned case I have already had several other clients who needed my help. All of them were satisfied with my work. I should say that psychological approach plays one of the most important roles in the profession of a life coach because in all the cases I should listen to my clients and find out what psychological problems they have. Moreover, I should give them advice and help them to find the way out of this or that situation.



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